BIOHIDRICA® Biotecnologias del Agua Ltda., was founded on March of 1993. Our mission is to offer an integral service in the biological evaluation of water quality, in the treatment and biological control of water pollution, and, in general, all those water-related biotechnological processes.

We are a company of research and development, consulting and marketing of products related to detection and control of environment and microbial contamination, and biomining. We give a personalized and customized service to the client. The principles of honesty and honorability are fundamental in our company. When contracting the BIOHIDRICA® services, the client have the endorsement of high professional level consultants and with great experience in their respective fields, that will give a reliable and suitable solution to the particular problem of your company.

BIOHIDRICA® Biotecnologias del Agua Ltda.
Anibal Aracena 571 (Nunoa) Santiago - Chile
Phone (56 2) 2393822 / Fax (56 2) 2393822